We're continuing to evolve for 2023! Website redesign is still underway.

We're now laser-focused on privacy and ethical data use first, with a new emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI)—in particular, targeting helping people make the best use of the new NIST AI Risk Management Framework, just as we've done with the NIST Privacy Framework since it went live in 2020, and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework long before that.

Stay tuned for the ribbon-cutting post into our new blog soon. And in the meantime, bear with us as we tweak the new site, and keep adding real, usable resources.

Last but most:

SPOT4Privacy - Single point of truth for privacy program management™ & SPOT4AIRisk - Single point of truth for AI risk governance™

We are currently in active development of the platform version for all the work we've done over the years so we can fill that gap between big GRC and privacy management platform monsters and spreadsheet/document management nightmares for more than one Cover Compliance client at a time. And we're developing another version for AI risk management, based on the new NIST AI Risk Management Framework!

Watch for news about SPOT4Privacy™ & SPOT4AIRisk™ versions 1.0 right here!

Make Compliance Your Strategic Advantage

Compliance is about doing what you have to do—like it or not. And for many businesses, understanding of compliance stops there.

But the ideal Cover Compliance client is unique compared to their competitors. Our clients are usually original founders and entrepreneurs who are still engaged directly in the "back office" operations of the organization they've created.

With just a little help, such small business founders are usually able rather quickly to see how the effort they put into their compliance programs can be an efficient investment to gain funding or competitive advantage over their competition while also minimizing the risks of failing regulatory scrutiny.

Where We Help

We work with smaller entities including independent healthcare practices, smaller financial services firms, local/regional nonprofits, business associates that serve smaller entities & data-intensive startups.

How We Work

We are committed to helping you make full use of common office software and apply good procedural practices so that you can fully understand and effectively manage your own compliance efforts.

What We Do

We can help you with policy & procedure documentation, compliance monitoring tools, hiring & mentoring compliance staff, working with service providers from IT to attorneys, & compliance training.
Whether your compliance driver is HIPAA or some other privacy and data protection authority, the CFPB and state financial services regulations, or some particularly complex or sensitive aspect of a key contract or grant that you already have in place or are considering, we can help you do what you have to do, and maybe even see a way to like it. Or at least see how your compliance program can help you focus on running your business while minimizing worry about regulatory risks..

Simplification for Smaller Entities

The reason Cover Compliance exists is to enable small businesses, independent healthcare practices, & nonprofit agencies to have compliance programs whose quality surpasses programs in larger organizations, without the need for costly, complex systems.

Leveraging Common Technologies

We can help you accomplish a lot with the great power of software you already own. There is no shame in using Word and PowerPoint to describe what you do and using Excel or SharePoint to "show your work".

Getting It In Writing

Documentation is at the heart of everything we do for our clients. We go beyond compliance policies & procedures where needed. And if done right, even your compliance policies & procedures can help you actually run your business better, too.

Empowering You

You're the one on the hook for your compliance program, even if you can hire compliance staff to run it. We work with you to meet you where you are and to develop the capabilities of your program while also developing confidence and aptitude for you and your entire staff.

Bigger Isn't Better

At least not for us. And probably not for you, if you've read this far. Lots of experience with resource-rich corporate environments has helped drive our desire for direct connection to help solve concrete problems for smaller organizations. We aspire to nothing greater.

Legal Efficiency

We have been decoding technical and business jargon for attorneys and translating “legalese” for non-attorneys for a long time. And we help our clients maximize efficiency in their legal advice spending by carrying out work that you don’t need an attorney to do and making any legal review you do need become more efficient.

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What We Do
Privacy & data protection compliance programs simplified for smaller businesses that lack staff or resources to purchase and manage complex enterprise systems.
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