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Yeah - we really are that focused on the details that we aren’t just tagging our blog posts and leaving you to wonder at our cryptic (and hopefully quite clever in some cases) meanings. We’ve created a glossary where we periodically describe what you should find when you look at specific posts gathered under each tag. To see the whole glossary at any given time, just click on the “tag glossary” tag in our blog contents sidebar.


Born This Way

I used to say I got my start in privacy and compliance in 2002 when I moved out of technical writing and IT consulting; but a while back I found evidence to disprove that assertion, when I found the complete policy and procedure that I wrote in 1984 to govern how my high school's homecoming festivities were going to work.

What We Do
Privacy & data protection compliance programs simplified for smaller businesses that lack staff or resources to purchase and manage complex enterprise systems.
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