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Cover Compliance Web Site Goes Live

Okay, NOW it's starting to get real. After 2 months of working with a diligent, but rather inefficient web designer, we've decided to go live with the site. We still need to get all the detailed content populated to our pages in the Services section, but that's coming along fine and should be added soon.

Anyway, now that we've got the majority of the initial content ready to share, we need to get it out there so we can start figuring out what where the site is going to start showing up with search engines. And also so I can get rolling with some real content and opinion sharing (which I hope translates at times to thought leadership—I mean: I have been at this a long time.) here in the blog, on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We've been rolling on a small handful of projects for several months now, and just wrapped up a bigger project that's been running for almost a year. And I recently also got a freelancing profile set up on UpWork and will be working to fill in some smaller projects through that platform (so far it's looking promising—I'll report more on that as I know more).

Once the final content on the site is published, and I've established some kind of routine with dropping my two-cents'-worth of privacy and compliance wisdom around, the most immediate plan here is to get a couple useful downloadables placed on the site—helpful infographics and templates—and get cracking on some video and training content to put on YouTube and possible Udemy.

Please keep connecting with us wherever you can. And for our existing connections and those who know us well, we'd appreciate any kind of sharing you might do about Cover Compliance and the site within your own social and professional networks.

Our Twitter activity is nil for right now, but hoping to fix that soon. In the meantime, we'd be grateful for any follows.

It's been a long time coming, but like so many things in my life in the last two years, I can finally say it's real. —gm

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