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Real News Search "Use Case" Posts Explained

Yeah - we really are that focused on the details that we aren’t just tagging our blog posts and leaving you to wonder at our cryptic (and hopefully quite clever in some cases) meanings. We’ve created a glossary where we periodically describe what you should find when you look at specific posts gathered under each tag. To see the whole glossary at any given time, just click on the “tag glossary” tag in our blog contents sidebar.

In the interest of trying to cover some timely topics, every few weeks we're taking a shot at Googling simply the one word, “compliance”, and picking the first news result that pops up and that has some connection to smaller businesses, whether in a general way or to a specific type of business.

For those examples that are directly related to a specific type of small business, we may look a bit at that business type or industry, but the main focus of our “compliance” search posts is to use the news examples to illustrate concepts that can be helpful to any small organization in any industry.

To help tag the posts for our blog archive, so you can more easily find posts related to these kinds of examples, we tag the post as a “use case”, a term from software development that has become a more general way in the startup world to refer to giving an example scenario of how someone might make use of your products or services.

In each “use case” post, after describing the source information, we look at at least one key compliance principle to talk about in the context of the cited example. And we always tag the posts so that other examples related to the same compliance principle(s) are easy to find.

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