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For starters, we updated our diagram for the Cover Compliance approach to implementing new compliance programs, decking it out in our new logo and color palette. That's all that's available now, but more is coming very soon.

Next in the queue is our translation of the new Brazil LGPD regulatory agenda and a couple Cover Compliance quick reference guides.

Where We Can Help

Find out more about the specific industry segments where we most commonly work, as well as some types of organizations to which we can be of the most assistance.

What We Do

Read about the specific things we create to help manage effective compliance programs and about the types of advice and support we most often provide to our clients.
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Our Services

The best analogy to describe the services we offer may be to say that we function like a compliance personal trainer and nutritionist for our clients.

We help strengthen our clients' own understanding and skills with meeting their compliance obligations and guide them to define the routines they need so that they can maintain compliance strength, flexibility, and a sense of wellbeing in the face of compliance challenges.

Our clients usually understand that at heart, they are responsible for their own compliance. We help them get the understanding they need to make that possible.

Our goal is to make sure clients understand that ANY activity at all, with the right intent, is better than either doing nothing and much better than spending money on a complex tool that you can't use. The "do something/anything" approach still is not really enough to give you the confidence that you're complying, but starting and just keeping your progress going can help you in the long run. (There's an analogy in there somewhere related to the personal trainer theme and how even walking would be better than buying and not using a Bowflex. Or a gym membership.)

The Cover Compliance approach is like using "body weight workouts" with stuff you have around your house rather than buying complicated exercise equipment. We apply decades of experience with ever-expanding, ever-changing regulatory regimes to look beyond the conventional wisdom and latest technology approaches to make sure our clients can strengthen their compliance programs and minimize risks of compliance failures using resources they already have.

We create the documentation that helps them gain and maintain their understanding, as well as keep others following their playbook, and prove to authorities that they have a thoughtful understanding of how their business operates to meet their obligations and to govern their program when operations or regulations change.

We help our clients identify the right people to do this work with them or for them (both from within their existing people and when they need to hire someone) and then we train those people to perform in their roles. We provide mentorship for those key compliance staff and for business owners and leaders and can be available to give on-call assistance when needs arise.

As you explore our Where We Can Help and What We Do services pages for more details on different aspects of how we help clients in various types of smaller organizations, be sure to think about what tools, technology, and people you already have on hand, and feel free to call us or send us a note using our contact form so we can have a personal conversation about how Cover Compliance might be able to help you.
What We Do
Privacy & data protection compliance programs simplified for smaller businesses that lack staff or resources to purchase and manage complex enterprise systems.
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