Empowering You

You're the one on the hook for your compliance program, even if you can hire compliance staff to run it. We work with you to meet you where you are and to develop the capabilities of your program while also developing confidence and aptitude for you and your entire staff.
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Strengthening Your Own Understanding & Confidence

Your compliance program is your responsibility. The smaller the organization, the harder it is for the organization’s principal leaders to delegate responsibility for daily duties. But even if you have the cash flow to hire people, you cannot outsource YOUR responsibility to fully understand your own compliance program. We work with you to meet you where your are and to develop the capabilities of your program while also developing confidence and aptitude for you and your entire staff.

As you will find in several places on our site, documentation is at the center of this whole effort. So we will first help make sure you have the right core compliance policies and procedures to describe your business and to address actual compliance requirements. But beyond documentation, in order to best position you to run your program, our work with you may manifest itself through such services as:

  • Helping you define and assign your key compliance personnel duties,
  • Identifying the right people to fulfill the roles (whether from your existing staff or assisting you with hiring),
  • Coaching and mentoring your staff to strengthen their knowledge and skills, while doing the same for you as the owner of your business, and
  • Delivering regulation-specific training (such as HIPAA basics for healthcare business associates or state data breach rules and how to avoid data breaches) or
  • Delivering general compliance training (such as compliance basics vs. compliance management or the differences between policies and procedures).
The clients we work with recognize the value in going beyond hiring someone to create a policy and procedures manual for them. We can do that, but even when that is the scope of our services for you, we create that documentation with the same approach to all our services: We make sure you understand the document content as well as the document design and template structure so that you can manage it going forward, making revisions as needed but with a clear sense of how the revisions fit into your whole compliance lifecycle.

Our hopefully-shared goal is to create a strong foundation for your new compliance program (or help evolve your existing program), with all the right elements in place so that you become the compliance subject-matter expert that regulators expect you to be in your business or healthcare practice. And if other outside stakeholders, such as investors or business associates, are interested in your compliance position, you will be well ahead of competitors that these other stakeholders might be considering for their investments or contracts.
What We Do
Privacy & data protection compliance programs simplified for smaller businesses that lack staff or resources to purchase and manage complex enterprise systems.
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