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Cover Compliance Partners with Computer Solutions East for GDPR Compliance Offerings

I am so proud to finally announce this strategic partnership that we've been working on for some months now. I have had the honor of being selected by Computer Solutions East (CSE), an award-winning, Tier 1 Managed Microsoft Partner from New York to work with them to bring privacy and security compliance tools and advice to their existing client base and beyond.

The part of me that evangelizes all the time about all you can do with software you already have is especially excited that we will be helping people make the best use of tools many of them already have through being subscribers to Microsoft cloud services of various types. Heck, even my little $5 per month Office 365 SharePoint Online subscription gives me access to the core Microsoft compliance tools that we'll be helping smaller businesses learn to leverage in creating or evolving their privacy and security compliance programs.

Intro Webinar Coming Soon

Very soon, we will be kicking things off with a brief intro webinar that will provide a quick GDPR and compliance overview, look at the core Microsoft tools, including the Microsoft Secure Score and Microsoft Compliance Manager, and talk about our initial service packages to support clients in their GDPR efforts.

Initial Offerings

Without going into too much detail now, our initial offerings will include packages that cover compliance and GDPR basics, provide alternatives to do quick pre-assessments of compliance readiness/status, and give clients whatever help they need with using Microsoft’s tools and information sources, including the wealth of technology compliance information available through Microsoft’s Trust Center. (For now, I will resist the urge to geek out too much by talking about those tools. I’ll be talking about them plenty. And I can’t wait.)

And the service packages are designed to accommodate clients who just need an independent review of their work as they do it, with the ability to ask compliance and tool questions when needed, as well as clients who want more involved GDPR compliance project management help.

Future Potential

HIPAA Compliance Service Packages
The most obvious next set of offerings I see coming out of this partnership would be HIPAA privacy and security compliance services, since Microsoft has already accounted for HIPAA so well. Who knows, we might even help create a “movement” where small HIPAA covered entities and their technology business associates finally start doing their HIPAA-required security analysis and compliance risk assessments.

Compliance Operations Portals
This has been my “hobby” baby for a long time—the ability to create true compliance operations portals that assist with those mundane things that are nuisances to manage. Things like complaint management, compliance monitoring and auditing tracking. And I’m still talking about small organizations and healthcare providers here—those who can’t afford big GRC platforms and wouldn’t use much of the functionality anyway.

This partnership in itself isn’t intended to actually make that happen. But it is now my great fortune to be connected to a Microsoft Partner with the experience and resources who can help me move forward when I’m ready to jump beyond my current “after hours” solo design and development in my little $5 SharePoint environment (which, BTW, is completely adequate for creating the same kinds of SharePoint tools I’ve created over the years in environments large and small. And I love that this is yet another example of low-cost, highly-capable software to prove that point I keep trying to make.)

Other Possibilities
GDPR work is not slowing down. But as I’m now getting to work with quality clients who are making the right efforts on GDPR, I’m really starting to see different areas that are being ignored by solutions providers. And they are for many of the mundane GDPR chores that you’d have your data protection officer (DPO) doing. And I’ve been asked by a bewildering assortment of people about outsourced DPO services. So I think this partnership with CSE will give us more opportunities to look at GDPR services beyond just the GDPR implementation help that we’re launching first.

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