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Cover Compliance Partners with Computer Solutions East for GDPR Compliance Offerings

I am so proud to finally announce this strategic partnership that we've been working on for some months now. I have had the honor of being selected by Computer Solutions East (CSE), an award-winning, Tier 1 Managed Microsoft Partner from New York to work with them to bring privacy and security compliance tools and advice to their existing client base and beyond, starting with services targeted at GDPR implementation.

The part of me that evangelizes all the time about all you can do with software you already have is especially excited that we will be helping people make the best use of tools many of them already have (even though many don't know they do—or know how to use them) through being subscribers to Microsoft cloud services of various types.


Learning from Tanning Salon Noncompliance Study

This is the first of our ongoing “use case” blog posts, where we take off from a real news story to explore key compliance principles. For a more detailed explanation of how our posts tagged with the “use case” label will work, see our other post from today.

This first “use case” post is interesting because it illustrates just how universal the need for a compliance program can be. And it shows a key way you might figure out what to include in your own compliance program, by looking at what outsiders (whether regulators, auditors, or, as in this case, researchers focused on your product or industry) may use to investigate your industry. It also touches on the benefits of simplification in the face of a slate of differing regulations.

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